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Adventure Awaits

Thanks for joining me! Let me start by saying I have a busy (random) mind with a very full heart. I’m bursting with opinions, passion, ideas, hopes, dreams, love, goofiness, and honesty. Oh — and I’m a tad inquisitive.

I’m a trained human resources professional with a love for design and beautiful things (thanks Mom!). I was recently laid off and am embarking on a new adventure — trying to work for myself.

I’m now offering people strategy and aesthetic services AND blogging about my journey!

I’ll be your on-call HR and Communications team — And — Help plan, curate, and procure decor and jewelry pieces for your collection or special project. I have jewelry shops on Etsy and eBay. I hope to add decor soon, so keep checking back!

The Blog is my way of making sense of life. Sharing my love of beautiful things, the joys (and faux pas) of parenting my littles (one with special needs), venting, spreading awareness of chronic pain, invisible illness, sensory processing disorder, and just being me. It will be sentimental. It will be uplifting. It will talk about family life and personal struggles. It will be real. I consider it my safe space where I can be myself — vulnerabilities and all.

Take a look around for more information — and — follow me. Let’s take this journey together!

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