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Backyard Oasis

My parents’ yard is a little oasis in the city. It’s so rewarding to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s the second outdoor space we’ve worked on as a family — and it’s grown-up so nicely over the last several years!

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I was about 16 years old when we did the first big project. My parents had just built a new house — it was SO exciting. I helped haul the sod, a bunch of sand, loads of gravel, and stepping stones for pathways. We built a rock wall (small than the one shown in our more recent project), shoveled dirt, mulch, and literally TONS of landscape rock. We worked through the heat and the rain. I helped pick out annuals and perennials, shrubs, and vines. We laid fabric paper, planted, and shoveled MORE rock (weed prevention people!). My dad even installed a sprinkler system for the garden, which was a lifesaver. I feel really fortunate to have grown up in a ‘do-it-yourself’ household.

My mom’s long instilled a love for design — she’s my role model for all things creative. We went to antique sales and flea markets. Quilted and crafted. Made curtains, pillows, reupholstered, and gardened. I wanted to do everything she did. I probably drove her nuts — sorry Mama!

You don’t need professional training to make beautiful spaces — just some passion and a willingness to try. Researching and getting a few crazies to help you doesn’t hurt either.

People who’ve met me post-knee reconstruction and diagnoses are probably surprised to read this. It’s true. I couldn’t help as much now — given the EDS, MCAS, POTS and fatigue — but knowing I HAVE done the work in the past makes me feel happy and proud.

One of these years we’ll get to work on my own house — goodness knows I have it all planned out — and saved on Pinterest at ERoseCo! 🌹⚘

backyard oasis, garden in the city, patio, relaxing, landscaping, family project, diy, rocks, lavender, sage, umbrella, lounge chair, bubbling boulder, tiki torches, master gardner


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