thumbs up for pizza #eroseco

P i z z a Dreamin’

I’m convinced every parent could have a blog filled with things their kiddos say and do each day. Cute things. Funny things. Annoying things. You get the idea. I try really hard to filter it down so I can share my other passions, too…BUT my little guy had a hankering today…

pizza #eroseco

Mr. O:  “Peez-nuh” Mommy?
Me:  No, not at six in the morning.
O:  But why?”
M:  Because it’s too early for pizza, Hunny. You can have a fruit squeezy pouch.
O:  But why no “peez-nuh” Mommy?

Keep in mind this was an A C T U A L conversation with a fairly non-verbal, extremely picky four-year old.

I maaaay have mentioned his craving to our wonderful, fantastic, super hero of a daycare lady.

I love that boy so much it hurts! He never fails to prove that dreams do come true. Even cheesy round ones with pepperoni on top.


Screen shots, photos, and stories are edited to omit my little ones’ names. Thanks for understanding. ❤

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellen

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