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Hi and welcome! I’m Ellen, a wife and mother of two, trying to earn my keep and stay relatively sane— if that’s even possible. I grew up in the Minneapolis, MN area and moved to a rural community after meeting my husband. We live in a historic 1915 home and embrace all the goodies she has to offer— cracks, bats, and all.

In early 2018, I was laid-off and forced to confront a new way of living. I’m a human resources professional by trade and was commuting three hours a day on top of managing my health and that of my family. I knew I couldn’t continue the same grind SO,  like most normal people, I started a blog 😉  A place to share my love of vintage and chippy things, the joys (and faux pas) of parenting, adventures fixing up our historic home, and things potentially helpful or entertaining to others. The simplest way to put it, I strive to make everything involving home as beautiful and fulfilling as possible. Take a look around my friend!

Thanks for stopping!  ~Ellen

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