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Hi there! Thanks for stopping. I’m Ellen, a wife and mother (x2), battling chronic illness and trying to earn my keep– and not go nutty(er) in the process. I grew up in the Twin Cities and moved to a rural community about 60 miles west of Minneapolis, MN after meeting my husband.

Small town life is wonderful. Our town is amazing– so charming. Rural life has its challenges though. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not in the sticks (I have access to Target and coffee shops!), but life takes us on the road a lot and my health makes distance driving an obstacle.

I’m a trained human resources professional by trade. In early 2018 I was laid-off and forced to confront a new way of earning a living. I knew I couldn’t continue the same grind but I had to figure something out as I was the main income earner. What could I do to utilize my training, have flexibility for appointments, general parent obligations, and still earn enough to keep us afloat? Could I combine 12+ years of corporate HR experience and my love of all things beautiful and creative?

I’m now offering people strategy and aesthetic services AND blogging about my journey!

E. Rose Co. offers Vintage & Home services on the aesthetic side and Content & HR services on the people strategy side. What can I say? I’m right and left brained!  I’ll be your on-call HR and Communications team — And — Help you curate, procure, and plan for your collection, special project, or event.

You can also find my collection of jewelry for sale on Etsy and eBay — I hope to add decor soon, so keep checking back!

The Blog is my way of making sense of life. Sharing my love of beautiful things, the joys (and faux pas) of parenting my littles (one with special needs), venting, spreading awareness of chronic pain, invisible illness, sensory processing disorder, and just being me. It will be sentimental. It will be uplifting. It will talk about family life and personal struggles. It will be real. I consider it my safe space where I can be myself — vulnerabilities and all.

Take a look around for more information and let me know how I can help you. Don’t forget to follow me so we can embark on this new adventure together!



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