Content | HR

Your on-call HR and Communications team.

Do you want a social media presence but don’t know where to start? Do you have employees feeling disconnected and not working to their full potential? Stop with quick fixes and plan for your business’s future.

I provide sound guidance and perspective acquired through years of professional training and on-the-job experience. I understand my clients’ needs by learning who they are, what their goals are, and asking the right questions.

I can assist you with a wide range of services and have availability in-person and virtually depending on the location of your Minnesota business(es). If you’re out-of-state, I can assist you, virtually, with content creation and limited HR services.

.: Social Content :.

  • Strategy*
  • Content creation/ ghostwriting
    • Employer branding/ recruiting
    • Product branding/ marketing
    • Parenting/ motherhood
    • Interior design/ decor
    • Exterior landscape/ gardening
    • Vintage jewelry
    • Chronic illness, and more
  • Proofing/ editing

.: People/ Human Resources :.

  • Employee Relations
    • Creating a culture of excellence
    • Core values
    • Effective communication
    • Change & process improvement
    • Conflict resolution & mediation
    • Acknowledgement & recognition
    • Integrating millennials in the workplace
  • Employment branding
    • Recruiting strategy*
    • Background checks
    • On-boarding
  • Talent management
    • Alignment & infrastructure
    • Competency management
    • Performance management
    • Succession planning
    • Leadership development
  • Compensation
    • Job classifications
    • Market comparison
    • Internal equity
    • Pay models
  • Compliance & best practices
    • Audit/ assessment
    • Handbooks & policies
    • Employment law overview
    • Investigations
    • Surveys

I’ve been fortunate to have exposure to effective processes and philosophies from numerous employer types and markets.

  • State, federal and contracted/ funded programs
  • For and non-profit businesses
  • Single and multi-state organizations
  • Technology (software & security)
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Vocational rehabilitation and day training
  • Agricultural food manufacturing
  • Retail services, and more

Not exactly sure what you need? Talk to me and I’ll help you figure out a plan. Send me a message!